I first became interested in newspapers as a boy when I learned I could check Jim Rice’s HR stats in the sports section of the AM Globe (there was a PM edition back then as well).

The very first time I was published was in my college newspaper, The Connector (cleverly named after that short stretch of accident-prone highway which connects Lowell to the larger world- a world which in the 1980’s, sought no such connection). The violent crime that plagued Lowell in those days rarely, if ever, strayed onto our campus. So, after a meticulous review of Campus Safety, the Safety & Security Committee I sat on zeroed in on the lack of adequate access to condom vending machines as the single greatest threat to student safety.

As a new member of that committee, I was conscripted to write an article informing the student body of this iniquity and our plans to remedy it. To the best of my recollection, only two of the three machines we sought were ever installed; a clear, if incomplete victory.

I went on to become a stringer of sorts and published other pieces including a review of the one and only performance of a friend’s band (Wookin’ Pa Nub), and an admittedly biased piece on a State House Rally against raising Student Fees, which I also helped to organize.

Ten years later, I started writing about houses for my local newspaper and instantly fell in love with the idea of being a writer. A professional writer. I already had plans for my first million dollars, but planned to donate the bulk of my earnings after that to various noble and charitable causes. I quickly learned that to be a writer was to resign yourself to the humble life of a mere thousand-aire. My day job paid the rent, getting published just stroked my ego.

Since that time, I’ve published erratically in dozens of newspapers, magazines, and websites. I am currently enrolled in Boston University’s Masters in Journalism program where I split my time evenly between unlearning bad habits and trying to forge better ones. These days, I’m a correspondent with The Boston Globe.

I love jumping into new topics, learning all about them, and telling readers what they want to -and need to- know.  I can’t imagine a better career than being a journalist and getting paid to tell compelling stories to the world.


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